Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Caught on Tape!

He doesn't move while people are watching, but apparently he isn't always aware of security cameras:

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Oh Shane, Will You Ever Learn?

I'm not sure how I've missed it for two years, but there is a deliriously funny series of pictures of notes to a Walmart employee by the management.  One of the best:
The complete list from the original poster:
  • Shane, quit offering extended warranties on the fried chickens -Management
  • Shane, stop asking, "Is that your final answer?" and offering to let them phone a friend after each order -Management
  • Shane, when a customer asks where to find a product, give them an aisle number, not directions to Albertsons -Management
  • Shane, quit putting price tags on deli equipment and trying to sell them to customers -Management
  • Shane, stop implying that Walmart keeps the "good stuff" in the back -Management
  • Shane, I don't know what "Swinecraft" is, but ham can not be sold as a building material  -Management
  • Shane, quit putting on multiple name tags and pretending to have a personality disorder  -Management
  • Shane, the deli is not an appropriate place to practice your ventriloquism, please stop making puppets out of the paper bags  -Management
  • Shane, stop putting "Stoner approved" seals on the fried chicken  -Management
  • Shane, stop putting out samples labelled as "Mystery meats"  -Management
  • Shane, stop putting "Some assembly required" stickers on the 8-piece chickens  -Management
  • Shane, any free samples you offer must come from the deli, not electronics!  -Management
While the real-life Shanenigans stopped there, on the Internet they have taken on a life of their own, with an entire subreddit devoted to Shaneisms.

Saturday, August 27, 2016

FreEBook: Bulletin of Primitive Technology

The second free publication I'm featuring is actually a magazine, not a book: Bulletin of Primitive Technology, first issue.  At 52 pages, though, it rivals much of what is being published today as e-books.  The only thing that makes it a magazine is the variety of articles.  Some are deeply philosophical, others are intensely practical.  The magazine is no longer being published, but the material has been collected into several books put out by the Society for Primitive Technology (which are not free).

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Shopping List....

Everyone is on a budget these days, especially preppers.  It's hard enough when you are just trying to deal with today's needs, but when you are trying to set aside for the future, it's that much more difficult.  One way to prioritize is to buy things which are relatively inexpensive now but which will become much more expensive later on; Urban Survival Site has a list of 40 of these.  It's mostly common sense, but it's nice to have a list to make sure you are missing any.

Friday, August 19, 2016

A Maze of Twisty Little Passages....

If you played D&D in your youth, you probably had to rely on your imagination quite a bit.  Someone's imagination was quite stimulated to create the most amazing D&D map ever created.  I think I would go back to playing if I could play on that!

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Story Time!

Apparently there is a relatively new social media site called Vine featuring 7 second videos.  One of the funniest guys on there is Thomas Sanders.  I particularly love his "Narrating Real Life" vines which start out with him saying "Story Time!" and then cutting to some random person who he talks about what they are doing and then adds a bizarre twist.

Here is the largest compilation I could find on Youtube of his material: