Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Playing Upslope

I just came across the story of what looks to be a great new toy, Slotto.  It is a set of interlocking pieces, like Legos or Lincoln logs.  What makes Slotto different is that while Legos are more like bricks, Slotto is more like plywood -- in fact it is made from medium-density fiberboard -- so it takes fewer pieces to build larger structures.

Right now Bed, Bath, & Beyond sells it under the name "TreeHaus Wooden Slotted Blocks".

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  1. Thanks John! Actually Slotto is now made from HIGH density fibreboard and I'm glad you like them. I used to sell this set for $75 on my website with my two guys here in Salem but I sold a license to an import export company that has already made and sold 150,000 sets so far. That was the entire order that just hit the stores 3 weeks ago. These sets are top quality and I approve! They're a steal at $20 in the stores. Thanks again,

    Robert Darling
    The Darling Company LLC
    Salem, Oregon Home of the Erector Set and Slotto!