Friday, January 15, 2016

Hot Stuff....

You may have seen people collecting aluminum cans to recycle, but probably not like this:
melting aluminum cans
Mobile Foundry for Recycling Aluminum.  They use the molten aluminum to cast decorative but useful objects like chairs.

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  1. HI John,
    Been a long time. I hope you're well.
    We have now gone full Galt, and instead of being a robotics engineer, have become a blacksmith.
    There is nothing more spiritual than to take fire and earth, with air and water and turn iron into something useful and beautiful. To mold and move the red hot iron in the direction your mind wants it to go. It is spiritual and meditative, but also prophetic, as in Isaiah.
    There is something spiritual in the whole concept of giving a man back his purpose, instead of forcing him into a worthless minimum wage job, or destroying his soul on food stamps. It feels good to be alive again.