Monday, July 30, 2012

People and Climate Change

Some people are changing their minds about climate change.  I understand the people who are in denial about climate change; the fear can just shut down rational thinking.  I also understand people who say we are changing the climate by all the fossil fuel we're burning, but it's okay because we'll run out soon.  Not that that's necessarily true, but at least it is a reasonable position.  What I don't understand are people who admit that the climate is changing and deny that we are the cause, and that doesn't bother them! If we aren't doing it, then we are helpless victims waiting for the wrath of the gods.

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  1. I don't know John, the fatalistic (fate) view of the world probably has deeper roots than the idea that we have control over our situation. As Taleb noted, at the micro-level we are often "Fooled by Randomness". One suspects that it is even more true at the macro-level.

    It is an almost impossible arguement to completetly defeat - very similar to the earlier cigarettes causing cancer arguements - and it allows people to keep doing what ever they want - consequences be dammed!